Thursday, October 4, 2007

Here Are Some Dedicated Caps Fans

They have remodeled their basement to resemble the Verizon Center, home of the Washington Capitals. My only question is, what are they going to do now that the Caps have changed their logos and colors?


James in RIchmond said...

Hilarious. Two new puck stools and a new logo in the floor and the transformation will be complete/ the Verizon seat are still blue.

Big Rob said...

Some not-so-minor elements they're missing:

- a radio-controlled zamboni;
- midgets to recreate Mites on Ice;
- the new scoreboards/jumbotrons, life-size of course;
- a fridge that charges 8 bucks for a beer;
- random hot chick hockey fan sightings; and last, but certainly not least
- some Poti-taaaaaaaang


1) Looks like they'll have to do some re-modeling to replicate the caps change in color scheme. Cute.