Thursday, April 17, 2008

No More Puppy Dogs and Rainbows

How do the Caps beat the Flyers? Two simple steps: don't make stupid, rookie mistakes; and beat 'em up.

Anyone who has watched the first three games, especially game 3, has seen the errant, pressured, dribbling passes made by the Caps which have resulted in turnovers, and, in a few cases, goals. This also applies to 1-on-3 or -4 "breakaways" with no support which limit our scoring chances; or poor positioning around the net that leads to few rebounds and second-chance scores. (I apologize if that sounds like basketball and not hockey, I'm still not used to hockey terminology.) I'm basically a brand new hockey watcher, and even I can see these problems. These are areas where the Flyers are outperforming the Caps. They make fewer errant passes, have solid breakaways which often result in scores, and have had more rebound scores than the Caps.

Another way the Flyers are outperforming the Caps lies in what many announcers like to call "physicality". I'm not sure that's even a word. OK, it is, but it doesn't mean what they think it does. The Flyers have harassed the Caps all series, whether it's hanging out in the crease, poke-checking, or decking Huet. (Side note: when the Miserable Philly Fans booed Scott Hartnell's goalie interference penalty, were they booing because he had spent more time in the crease for the first three games than Huet, or were they booing because "their guy" got caught?) They've been caught a few times, but come on Caps, it's the playoffs. Get your sacks into the game and knock some freaking heads.

I'll put it another way: If the school bully's picking on you, do you sit down and have a nice chat about how he should turn his life around? HELL NO!!! You punch him in the nose, kick him in the nuts, throw dirt in his eyes, and stab him in the back!!! Is this all a back-handed lobbying effort for more Brashear playing time? maybe. But if your game of superior finesse isn't winning, maybe it's time to thug it out. Just don't be so overt that you get caught all the time. Philly might get caught, but apparently our power play died the same day as our puck handling.

Come on, I hate losing to fans who wear orange shirts whose "Vengeance Now" campaign makes no sense. (More on that later). Win this one for the Effing Gipper. IT'S GAME TIME!!!

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