Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Maxime Lacroix Interview

A close up look at the Capitals' 2006 5th round draft pick courtesy of
(Photo Courtesy of Valerie Monette)

Sit-down with student-athlete Maxime Lacroix

BOUCHERVILLE, Wednesday, March 7, 2007 – The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League’s official website will offer its readers a weekly feature on one of the five finalists in contention for the Marcel-Robert Trophy, which honours the student-athlete of the year at the Golden Puck Awards Gala held in early April.

This week, Maxime Lacroix of the Quebec Remparts.

In which program are you presently enrolled?

"I’m majoring in human sciences and mathematics, with a minor in economics at Limoilou Cegep in Quebec City."

Why do you put so much time and effort into your studies seeing as though you wish to pursue a professional hockey career?

"It’s important. If I should get injured or fail in hockey, I want to be able to do something I enjoy. School gives you options and opens doors. It also enables me to plan a career."

How does the hockey club support your academic endeavours?

"The team has a hands-on academic consultant to make sure that our teachers are aware of where we are if we should happen to leave on a long road trip. Along with the Cegep’s academic department, they make sure that we stay on top of things. Also, the team and our teachers are always there to help us if we’re having trouble in a certain subject or with schoolwork."

Your major junior career could be coming to a close in a few months. What is your career plan?

"I’m a bit uncertain about my immediate future. I was drafted by the Washington Capitals and I’d like to play in the American Hockey League next year, but since I’m 19 years-old, I still have one year of QMJHL eligibility left. That’s why I registered in Business Administration at Laval University in time for the fall semester since I might play another year with the Remparts."

What has your career in the QMJHL taught you?

"A career in the "Q" certainly helps a person mature. With our tight schedules, you learn to incorporate discipline into your life. We’re (players) gaining valuable experience, and any employer will tell you that they look for organized and disciplined individuals to add to their workforce."

How much of an influence has your family been to your decision-making process?

"My dad played in the QMJHL and the NHL, so he’s always been a role-model for me. At the time, hockey players didn’t attend school much. He got injured and went back to school. Thereafter, he found a job to provide for his family. My dad is proud of my success in school and he provides plenty of encouragement. He doesn’t want me to repeat the same mistakes he did. That’s why school is so important. I want all my options to stay open."

The winner of the Marcel-Robert Trophy will be announced at the Golden Puck Awards Gala on April 5. Along with the Trophy, the winner will receive a $500 purse as well as the Guy Lafleur student-athlete bursary worth $6,000.


Anonymous said...

MAXIME LACROIX est trop bon, alors je le souhaite vraiment qu`il gagne le trophé marcel-robert, pcq ol le mérite.

bonne chance max!

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joannie said...

maxime lacroix c`est LE meilleur! il n`a pas gagné le trophé et c`est tres domage, parce que il le méritait vraiment! touka max je suis sûre que il va remporté un prix l`an prochain! alors bonne chance max, t le meilleur!

Anonymous said...

Maxime Lacroix it's a very good hockey players !
Max Lacroix is the best !

Lacroix with Washington please!(yn)
He...have this contrat ! (L)