Monday, August 20, 2007

Michael Vick Pleads Guilty

Not a big surprise really. Did he have any other choice??? With all the evidence and witnesses that the fed's are claiming to have against him, it's a no brainer on Vick's part.

The big question is, why would the fed's choose to go this route? They've made claims to the fact that they believe Michael Vick was the kingpin in this dogfighting operation and the one who financed it. So if this is true, why even negotiate a plea agreement?

If this case had gone to trial, Vick could have been sentenced to up to five years in prison. But that doesn't even begin tell the whole story. More charges would have been brought against him, including gambling and tax evasion that could have brought a sentence of over 20 years easy. Plus, the state of Virginia could have brought charges against him as well that could have seen a sentence of up to five years for every dog that he participated in killing.

The rumor has it that as part of the plea agreement Vick will have to serve anywhere from 12 to 36 months in the slammer. Plus, he most likely will not have to worry about any further charges in this incident from the fed's or the state.

Let's face it Vick got off easy. So what message does this send??? Is this another case of a celebrity getting a break that an average Joe wouldn't??? Or is this a fair sentence for such a barbaric and inhumane crime?

Either way, I still believe in my earlier prediction that Vick has already played his last game in the NFL. Whenever he eventually gets out of jail, he would still have to serve his suspension that the NFL will hand down, which could be anything from one year to a lifetime ban. Plus, there is going to be serious financial repercussion from the Atlanta Falcons as they will seek to recover a large portion of the $37 million in bonuses he received as part of his last contract signed in 2004.