Monday, July 16, 2007

On Frozen Blog Chimes In On CyberRadio

Thanks to John Keeley at On Frozen Blog for his complements in his most recent article about CyberRadio:

Add to the names of the Revolutionaries Allen Popels, who a few months ago asked the question, “Is it too much to ask that we the hockey loving and Caps’ fans have a broadcast fan forum for 30 or 60 minutes a week?” The Caps of course asked a similar question a few years back and answered it with the excellent “Caps Report,” hosted by Mike Vogel and Spike Parker. Popels wanted his own show, on the weekend, a fan-driven one. He had technology at his disposal and did something about it. Beginning earlier this summer, every Sunday, he began hosting his one hour on the frontier air of cyberspace, ‘CapitalFanatic: The Fan’s Voice of the Washington Capitals.’ (A podcast is available; and Popels makes his program available via iTunes.)

Yesterday Eric McErlain and Dmitry Chesnokov and I appeared as guests on Popel’s program, where we discussed the recently completed Rookie Camp and a few other tidbits puck. Interestingly, we had no shortage of topics hockey to discuss for the full hour in the middle of summer. If we’re invited back, we’ll return. Telling, though, isn’t it, that the region’s hockey fans have their hockey audio itches scratched by the Caps themselves and their fans . . . and not say local radio?......

......The remarkable irony now abundantly broadcast and published, and filling the vast void, is that by virtue of their abdication of covering hockey professionally, as their trade has ever required, local media have unwittingly bred a cottage alternative industry of impassioned experts.

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b.orr4 said...

I enjoyed your broadcast with the guys from OFB. Don't take offense from this, but it really makes for a much livelier show when you have a roundtable arrangement. This isn't a knock on your other podcasts, but it's very difficult for one person to carry a show for 60 minutes. Keep up the good work.

Capital Fanatic said...

Thanks. And I know it's always better to have more than one person. I'm trying to get more people involved as I go along.


1) This was our first listen to your pod cast. Well done! Amazing how an hour in the middle of July can be filled with interesting hockey discussion.
2) Not going to find that too many places in the 'mainstream' sports broadcast world south of the border. Learned a whole lot about your prospects! Keep up the good work!