Thursday, March 20, 2008

Caps' Goal of the Night

When the Caps lose 5-0, it's usually pretty easy to do the Goal of the Night shtick. "The Goal of the Night goes to whichever goose laid an egg for the Caps." har har har. I will change he rules of my recent creation, and allow saves in this category. Now that I've bent the rules permanently, after watching the game's highlights, this award is actually easier than I had thought. Therefore, without further ado ...

Big Rob's SAVE of the Night (March 19, 2008):
Nikolai Khabi-BOOO-lin (17:06, 3rd period)

For those of us who could not watch this game for one reason or another, you owe it to yourself to see his stop of Sea-Man's would-be goal around 17:00 in the 3rd. It's on par with that jaw-dropping goal when the Michigan kid scooped the puck and fed it from behind the net. They replayed it twice on the game highlights at the Caps' official site. Once you see it, consider this: the Hawks were winning 5-0 with about 3:00 left in the game. The Booler could've easily let it go, nobody would've blamed him. But his instincts took over, and he was just physically capable enough to dive for the puck. That's a once-in-a-lifetime save. What a play.

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Anonymous said...

That was the point that I was just like, wtf? What did we do to deserve that? "A sinker" indead as quoted by Bruce Boudreau.