Sunday, March 9, 2008

Looking Ahead

What a horrible weekend of hockey. That's really all that can be said about it. It's in the past, and nothing can be done to change it. So let's move forward and see what the Capitals must do over their remaining 12 games in order to make the post season. (AP Photo/Linda Spillers)

To catch Carolina:

Let's face it, Carolina is playing their best hockey of the season which will make it very hard for the Caps to catch them. The 'Canes have 11 games remaining, two of which are against Washington. For the Caps to win the division they
1.) Must beat the 'Canes both times = 4 points.
2.) Must get help from division foes to slow down the 'Canes. Besides their games versus the Caps, 6 of their final 9 games are against teams in the Southeast. The only playoff team they play down the stretch is Ottawa. Expect them to go at least 6-3-0 over these final games.
3.) That would leave the Caps with 15 points to make up over their final 10 games. Meaning the Caps would have to go 8-2-0 in order to pass Carolina and win the division.

To catch Philadelphia:

Just when the Flyers looked down and out they've won 5 of their last 7 games. They have 13 games remaining which means they have a game in hand over the Caps. Seven of those games are on the road. Eight of those games are against teams that are currently in the playoffs.
1.) If the Flyers go 7-6-0 over those final games the Caps would once again have to go 10-2-0 in order to tie them in the standings.

As you can see the Caps have their worked cut out for them. In working the numbers it seems that baring a complete meltdown of one the teams currently in the playoffs from the list of Philly, Boston, NY Rangers, Carolina. Washington can only loose two more times down the stretch if they hope to squeeze in.

In conclusion, it doesn't look good for the Caps this year.

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