Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hart Trophy for Ovechkin?

The question should be, how can Ovechkin not win the Hart Trophy? Tell me one player in the NHL that means more to his team than Alex? ........ that's right, I can't think of one either.


Anonymous said...

Evgeni Malkin -- hands down, more so if he carries the Pens through the playoffs. One of the NHL's most underrated players because he was in the shadow of media hog Sidney Crosby. Everyone thought the season was dead for the Pens when Crosby got hurt, but Malkin kept them in very good condending position. Ovechkin -- not so much. They'll be lucky if he gets them to 8th place and they have the luxury of being creamed by the Devils.

A little more far fetched -- Eric Staal. Look what he's done for the Canes -- while the Capitals continue to idle and not crack top 8.

Anonymous said...

Its funny that you should say 'while the Capitals continue to idle...' As of March 17 the Caps had risen from last place to contend for a playoff spot. They arent idling. They've kicked it into full gear. They are playing better hockey than the club as seen in five years or more.

However, more on topic... The hart trophy is meant for more than someone who simply fills in the shadow of some bigger players. There is no question that Malkin has been an indespensible part of the Penguins push for the conference champions however he hasn't been that driving force all season. While he's played well he hasn't led his team through the dregs of the eastern conference to contend for a playoff spot.

Alex Ovechkin has done this. In the absence of Cris Clark he has taken a leadership position and has taken his team from last to a contention spot for the division lead. Ovechkin should be in serious consideration for the Hart Trophy and if the Capitals do make the playoffs then there should be no discussion at all. Also, while Ovechkin has been phenominal this season take a look at the players around him and see how much they have improved as well.